How to Strategize and Win at Risk Every Time

risk - best strategy board game

Board games are fun, and strategy games even more – however, when you consistently lose at some of your favorite strategy games, it may be time to rethink some of your strategies and dominate the opponent in a full-on tabletop world war. In this quick guide, we’ll show you a few ways on how you can work against your opponent’s weaknesses and take the world by storm. Risk and Risk: Domination are by far, the best strategy board games ever created and we’re going to show you a couple of good strategies to win against your friends every time.

Conquering the World’s Continents Carefully

You may think that conquering the continents all at the beginning may give you a one-up advantage against your opponent, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve played Risk enough times, you know that each continent comes equipped with trusty pros and cons. What you should first consider is how isolated the continent of your choosing may be. When they are further away from other continents, they will ultimately be easier to contain and maintain. With that being said, the opposite could hold some truth: they are much harder to expand outwards from as they are so isolated during some games.

A continent like Australia may be a quick win for you, but during mid to late game plays, you may become susceptible and prone to powerful blows. Try to see your opponent’s strategy and continents before jumping in on the “only isolated areas” bandwagon.

Beneficial Army Bonuses Per Continent

It goes without saying that some of the continents in the game are clearly better than others when it comes to advantages in their army bonuses. Each turn you play, you’ll reap the benefits of an army bonus for each continent that you have captured. The more army bonuses the continent you’ve “captured” has, the better it will be for you each round. For example, you should know that North America and Europe give you the most bonuses each turn. If you have at least one of these continents conquered, you’re doing okay! Africa gives you 3 per turn, while you’ll see that Europe gives you a whopping 5 bonus armies per turn.

Send Out Perfect Army Attacks

Now, the next part may be the hardest for the noobies – figuring out the perfect amount of armies to attack your opponent with. You’ll first want to look at how many armies your opponent has on the area at the given time of your turn, and try to go in with twice as many. While this is a general rule, this may fluctuate depending on how many you’re willing to risk. It’s worth mentioning that the more you do this and double up against their armies, the more likely you’re going to win. Maybe your opponent only has one or two armies on an area – if this is the case, don’t think that you can just go with the bare minimum; attack with 2 or 4 armies in return to secure that area.

Other tips to know when strategizing in Risk:

  • Think about how many armies you’ll want to contain in each area – concentrating armies ensures that you won’t leave open susceptible spots for your enemy to take over
  • Make sure to count the number of armies your opponent has at the end of every single turn – don’t let them hear, of course!

The End

While strategy is inevitably important when it comes to board games like Risk, ultimately, your strategy will change every time based on the playstyle of the opposing foe. You can have the best continents conquered, and have a good deal of army bonuses per turn, but that may not win you the game if you aren’t careful with your timing and aren’t paying attention to what the enemy is doing.