The Many Grooming Mistakes Men May Make

Grooming tips

Let’s face it: we’re not all perfect, and I’ve made plenty of grooming mistakes in the past. Just because we are a male or a female, doesn’t mean we know everything about grooming for that specific sex. Men, you may be making one the forth coming grooming mistakes and you may not even be aware of it! Amplify your grooming game by eliminating these actions and promoting positive grooming!

Unkempt Beard Hair and Mustaches

You may not think that this is a problem, but Robert B. Brown from says you can actually stump your beard growth when you don’t keep the follicles stimulated and kempt. Beyond this, you’ll look a lot better in your workplace when you actually keep up with your beard maintenance. In fact, many professional settings (including places like Disney World), do not allow for messy or patchy beards. When your beard isn’t full and maintained, you must shave! This can easily be combatted by taking a brush and making sure everything is fancy and clean. There are products like beard oils that will help your beard glisten and grow, as well!

Stubble That’s Poorly Groomed

Maybe you think that since your “beard” is only a grave of stubble, that you don’t have to do much to it unless it’s a full-blown beard. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Robert Brown from said “While stubble has been proven to be more attractive than a bare face, one must also maintain it to keep that attractiveness, while promoting healthy beard growth.” In order to look cleaner and promote better growth “oils and moisturizer must be used, along with trimmed above certain areas so the stubble doesn’t get out of hand and make you look as if you’re constantly hungover.” added Robert Brown.

Eyebrows That Are Unkempt

This is one of the many mistakes that men make when it comes to their facial hair. To be fair, they’re easy to forget since most of us are born with eyebrows; however, it’s important to note that they are one on the most important features on someone’s face. When you define them in a clean manner, you’re trimming up the edges, the arch area between your eye and the bottom half of the eye brow, as well as making sure the stray hairs between your eyebrows are shaven. Even if you’re not getting them completely shaped and man-scaped, having these areas clean and somewhat defined will allow you to appear more striking and more professional.

Those Pesky Nose Hairs, too…

Let’s not forget about those longer nose hairs that sometimes creep out from underneath the nostrils and say hello to anyone that’s shorter than you. It’s easy to avoid and takes a mere few seconds in order to eliminate. Trimming your nose hair will allow you to look much cleaner, and people will be able to focus on what you’re saying, rather than what your nose is projecting. Those that are shorter may not have much to worry about, but those that are generally taller than everyone they come into contact with will most definitely want to utilize a nose trimmer.

Don’t Forget About the Ear Hair

While people may not be looking into your ears, they’ll have a reason to if they spot something poking out. We’ve all had that one teacher or professor with that salt and pepper hair with splotches of grey/white – those uber long ear hairs shine when they bend over to help you with an assignment. It’s hard to look and pay attention at the same time – so their efforts go to waste. When you apply this to your own life, trimming your ear hair is not only beneficial to those around you (although they can opt not to look), it’s also beneficial to you as it’ll reduce your risk for ear infections.


There are health and aesthetic benefits to avoiding the above grooming mistakes. Make sure to trim ear and nose hairs, while keeping your face exfoliated and maintained no matter what profession you’re in. Even if you don’t have a lot of beard hair or noise hair, keeping this trimmed and cleaned will make you look much more prestigious than not. Each one of these tasks takes a few seconds and barely costs anything while allowing your appearance to speak for itself.