Data Frog Android Wireless Gamepad Review

Android Wireless Gamepad

This wireless gamepad for Android is a great way to take your mobile gaming to the next level. You can easily connect this to your Android phone or tablet, even your PC.

Top Specs 


No cords required. The controller connects to your device using the USB you’ve inserted into your phone, tablet, PC, etc. 

USB Interface 

The controller connects to your device via use of a USB. This USB also comes with an adapter so that you can plug it into your phone or tablet. You simply insert the USB or USB with the adapter into your device and this allows it to connect to the controller.

2.4G Hz Transmission

This wireless controller works not via Bluetooth but with 2.4G wireless frequency. The transmission distance is about 10 meters.

Works with Android Devices

This controller will work with Android 4.0 and up phones as well as with Android tablets. You can use it to play any game in the app store that comes with controller support.

Compatible with PC and More

You can also use this controller to play your favorite controller-supported PC games on PCs with Windows 7 or higher. It connects the same way as it connects to your phone or tablet, via the USB port. You can even use it to play games on Steam. The controller is also compatible with a TV box, Smart TV, and PS3 console.

Detachable Phone Holder

There is a phone holder that attaches to the controller for better ease of play when using it to play games on your phone. When you’re playing on your tablet or PC, this phone holder is easily removed so that nothing is in your way while using the controller.

First Impressions

I was impressed with the look and feel of this controller right off the bat. It has the same appearance as a normal PS3 controller. It feels solid and weighs about the same as a typical PS3 controller as well. 

I had no troubles using the USB with the included phone adapter to connect the controller to my Android. As soon as I got everything plugged in an properly connected, I was able to start playing games right away. I have a PS3 and have used that type of controller a lot so it was nice to not have to learn how to use a new kind of controller. I also had no trouble connecting the controller to my tablet or to my Smart TV.

I did have some trouble getting the wireless USB to work with my PC. I wasn’t sure at first if it was a problem with the USB or my PC. I did eventually get it to work with my PC but the connection doesn’t seem to be as good as it is with my phone or my PS3.


  • Multi-use: I love that I can use this controller to play games on my PC, phone, android tablet,  as well as use it to control my Smart TV. Being able to have one controller for everything is great especially when you consider how inexpensive the controller is.
  • Wireless: This controller works from up to 10 meters away from the USB so I have a lot of room to move around when playing games. I also don’t have to adjust where I’m sitting compared to where my console is since the controller is wireless and has a good transmission distance.
  • Inexpensive: The price is cheap enough that I would feel comfortable buying multiple controllers to use with my PS3 or to give to friends who might want to play PC or mobile games with me while they’re over at my house.
  • Standard PS3 design: I like that the controller looks like a regular PS3 one while being able to connect to a variety of other devices. I didn’t have to learn how to use a new kind of controller and could just start playing my games right away.
  • Phone adapter: Some other wireless controllers on the market come with a USB but not with an adapter so that you can use the USB with your phone or tablet. I like that this one comes with the adapter so you can start using it right away without having to go track down a separate one.


  • Wireless USB and PC: The wireless USB doesn’t always work with my PC and I had to reset it and adjust the settings every now and then to get it to work. I fixed it by buying a new wireless USB online.
  • Phone holder: Be careful when attaching and detaching the phone holder that connects to the controller. It doesn’t seem to be the most durable and I did crack it a little while removing it once. I have to pay attention and make sure I’m not pressing too hard when handling it.

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed using this wireless gamepad. I like that I can easily switch the controller between my tablet, phone, PC, and PS3 and that I can use it for a variety of different games across those platforms. It’s also a huge plus that it can connect to my Smart TV. Being able to use fewer controllers across all my devices is helpful in keeping my space clutter free and I don’t have to worry that I’m using the wrong controller with the wrong device. On an added note, it’s available on Fine Line Market as they’re currently doing a tech product sale for christmas. 

The fact that I have trouble getting the USB to connect properly to my PC sometimes is a bit of a letdown but it honestly could just be user error. When it does connect, it doesn’t lag and I have no trouble using the controller to play games on Steam. I would recommend checking your PC settings and seeing if you have to do anything special to connect a wireless USB controller, as changing my settings does seem to help with the connection. This doesn’t deter me from recommending the controller and I will definitely consider purchasing more myself as this is a very useful item.

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