Joy JK-63M-KIT Review

Joy JK-63M-KIT

The Joy JK-63M KIT is one of the few complete sets on the market for beginners. It comes with the keyboard itself, as well as a stool, headphones, power cord, stand, and manual. Little set up is required- just pull it out of the box, follow the simple instructions to set up the stand and stool, and start playing!

Top Features of the Joy JK-63M KIT

MP3 Player Function

The keyboard comes with the ability to hook it up to an MP3 player. I like this because it enables me to play back-up melodies to go with my piano playing, without having to set them up on a separate device.

Mic and Headphone Jacks

I live with roommates and the headphone jack is so helpful when I want to play in the middle of the night without waking them up. I’m sure my neighbors appreciate not having to hear me as well! I also like to sing along when I play piano, so being able to hook up a microphone is a dream come true. I can even hook up both at once in order to listen to how I sound through the headphones.

LED Display

This keyboard comes with a variety of demo songs and the LED display shows which keys to play. This has enabled me to play along without having to look at sheet music and to better practice at getting that “muscle memory” going so I can eventually know the songs by heart. The LED display also shows any effects or functions you’ve selected. I like this feature since I sometimes forgot I’ve turned an effect on.

App Function

This keyboard is designed to be recognized by Keyboard Training Apps, such as Simply Piano or Piano Maestro. I can simply set my iPad up on the stand and start going through training exercises, similar to using the demo songs on the keyboard, but with a wider variety of songs and exercises to increase my skills.

Full-Sized Piano Keys

The keys of the Joy JK-63M are full-sized, just like those of a regular piano. I appreciate this feature because if I ever do choose to switch over to a traditional piano, I won’t have to worry about the keys not feeling the same as what I’ve become used to.

First Impressions

Joy JK-63M-KIT With USB 61-Key Keyboard

I purchased the Joy JK-63M as I wanted a good g chord piano to use at home. I’ve tried other keyboards and pianos before, so this isn’t my first time using one by any means, but this is my first time buying one for myself.

When I received the keyboard in the mail, I was impressed with how easy it actually was to set up. The stand and stool are both easy to assemble and since the keyboard is cord operated, all I had to do was plug it in and get going. Once I started playing, I was pleased to note that the sound was very high quality, especially considering the low price. Of course, as a beginner, most of the songs I know contain many g chords, so I was excited to play that particular chord and hear it sounded just as good as when my friends play it on their pianos!

The product description online said that this keyboard worked with Training Apps, as mentioned above, and this holds true. I tested it out with Piano Maestro and the app had no problem picking up the sound of the keyboard. As an additional plus, the sheet music stand on top of the keyboard worked great for holding my iPad.


  • This is a great value for all the equipment: you could easily pay at least twice as much buying a keyboard, power cord, stool, and stand separately.
  • The built-in rhythms are helpful to play along to, whether you’re a total beginner or more advanced.
  • Works with headphones (not just the ones it comes with). The sound with or without headphones also holds true to the notes being played.
  • This keyboard is DURABLE. My cat knocked over the stand and sent it crashing to the floor, but not worries! It didn’t so much as get a dent and there has been no decline whatsoever in the sound or functionality.


  • The keys on this keyboard are very sensitive to touch, more so than other keyboards I’ve used. Accidentally brushing a key or resting a finger on top of it without putting any pressure can cause the key to play. This can be frustrating when playing a piece, as there’s been multiple times when I played a wrong note due to sliding my fingers across the keys on my way to the next note in a song.
  • Whenever I turn the keyboard on, it starts at maximum volume, no matter what it was set at when I turned it off. I haven’t figured out how to make it stop doing this and a quick check online reveals that I’m not the only one who can’t figure out this problem!
  • While the “piano” sound of this keyboard is great, I’m not a fan of many of the other sounds. They don’t sound as true to sound as the piano notes. The string instruments in particular just don’t sound “right” when I listen to them.
  • The chair that comes with the kit doesn’t seem like it can hold very much weight, making it difficult for adults to use.

Final Verdict

If you’re a beginner like me or if you have a child who is learning to play, this keyboard is great! Most of the downsides I found weren’t deal breakers and definitely don’t make the keyboard (or the set as a whole) unusable. Considering all the features and equipment that come with the keyboard, you can’t beat the price. Intermediate and advanced players may be turned off, as this isn’t the highest quality keyboard on the market, but it sure does the trick as a starting point. I think the durable design will keep the parents of even the most clumsy of children (or pets) happy. I’m able to look past the high key sensitivity and my problem with the volume playing on max every time I turn it on, since the rest of the time the keyboard works for exactly the purpose I need it for: to practice!

Overall, I’d recommend the Joy JK-63M KIT to any beginner. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the quality product you need to advance your keyboard playing skills.

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